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With some great new insurance options hitting the market, now's the perfect time to check if you're getting the best from your current situation.

This week we've worked with a number of clients to review their existing medical cover. As a result many have signed up to fresh policies and are enjoying increased cover and greater peace-of-mind and some are even saving money.

One North Shore family is a great case in point. This Mum, Dad and young child just made the switch to one of Sovereign's brand new insurance offerings. They now have increased cancer benefits and have immediately cut their premiums by more than $140 a year, while still enjoying the security of comprehensive medical cover.

The process was very simple, and now we're saving money every month. Plus we're confident that if any of us are struck by illness, getting good health care won't be something we need to worry about........... Prosper client

Positive experiences such as this highlight how effortless and rewarding regularly reviewing insurance cover can be.

All it takes is quick phone call or email, and then we do all the hard yards, says Prosper Director Ali Toumadj.

We know the ins and outs of various policies and providers, so we can present you with the best options, to help you make informed decisions and guide you through the process.

While everyone in the Prosper team prides themselves on always securing clients the best solutions around, it's particularly pleasing when a partnering provider comes to the party to raise the bar. These developments open up more options in terms of pricing, with more choice when it comes to excess, specialist treatment, tests and surgery, says Ali.  It's great evidence of an insurer upping the game and better providing quality cover at a reasonable price.

To make sure you're benefiting from the best medical cover for your needs get in touch with your local Prosper adviser.

**It is important to note that insurance cover is specific to individual demographics and circumstances, therefore specific benefits and premium savings cannot be guaranteed.