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Reserve Bank


In case you missed it, last week the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced that the OCR would again remain at 3.5 per cent. This indicates a shift away from the tightening of interest rates. Governor Graeme Wheeler stated that the OCR is expected to stay on hold for some time, however within just 24 hours of the announcement markets were pricing an 80 per cent chance of the OCR being cut by the end of the year.  The bank hasn't cut the OCR since it was reduced to a record low 2.5 per cent in March 2011.

According to ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley the threshold for a cut to the OCR is high, given record-high net migration, accelerating house price inflation in Auckland, relatively high terms of trade, the recent fall in oil prices, high levels of confidence, an above-trend economic growth outlook and falling unemployment.



For anyone keen on saving thousands in interest and knocking off years of your loan, now could be the time to take action. With the housing market heating up banks are beginning to cut rates left, right and centre. While some of the advertised rates are attractive in their own right we have been able to secure some very competitive discounts for clients, examples include 5.50% p.a. fixed for 3 years and 5.70% p.a. fixed for 5 years. There are loads of great options out there, and we’re on top of them all. How you structure your home loan depends on your individual circumstances – so the best bet is to get in touch with us, we’ll tailor something to suit. 


When it comes to multiple properties and borrowing for different purposes it’s not always easy to release equity if you have all of your lending and security in one place. That’s why it can be a good idea to spread your lending across more than one provider, minimising the risk that comes from having everything in one place. If spreading your lending across more than one lender sounds like a logistical nightmare, fear not – we’re here to negotiate and coordinate it all for you.  Get in touch to find out the pros and cons, and whether this solution would work for you. 




When you’re struggling to rid stubborn body fat, not sleeping well or just lacking energy it can be downright depressing. The good news is, in many cases you can blame it on your hormones. The even better news is that taking action to drive change doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems.

These days there are toxins everywhere and they’re wreaking havoc with our hormonal system. These toxins, which are in our food, our cosmetics, our plastics, even our water and soil, are called endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors mimic hormones, which affects the creation, transport, binding and breakdown of our natural hormones. When our natural hormones are out of balance it can impact our ability to lose weight and eliminate stubborn body fat. It can also disrupt sleep, reduce energy, promote thyroid and insulin issues and impact cognitive function.

If you’re keen on ensuring you, and your hormones, are in good health the first step is to reduce your exposure to toxins. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep as many harmful chemicals out of your house as possible. You can make easy substitutions for common household pollutants by going for chemical-free cleaning products and opting for eco-friendly packaging. Not heating up food in plastic containers and steering clear of plastic water bottles is also a good start.

It’s also important to support your body to rid toxins. This comes down to consuming fresh, organic produce, eating regularly, getting sufficient sleep and perhaps supplementing your diet with any key vitamins that may be lacking.

Learning exactly which of your hormones are out of whack is also very beneficial. This is where the advise of a nutritionist, personal trainer or BioSignature specialist could come in. Two hormones that are often affected are Cortisol and Estrogen. Raised Cortisol levels are evidenced by a disproportionate amount of lower abdominal fat. In most cases you can sort this out by cutting back on caffeine and sugar and increasing your water intake. Estrogen affects the weight in your hips and legs. You can typically detoxify estrogen levels by eating vegetables like broccoli.

Lastly, you can’t ignore the need for physical activity. Remember, the most effective exercise regimes are ones that you find motivating and enjoyable enough to stick to. 



On 1 July 2015 the ACC levy portion of your vehicle licensing fee (your registration) is being slashed by an average of 41% (depending on your type of vehicle). The drop is about $130, or $11 a month. This means that for a petrol car, the cost of relicensing will virtually be cut in half.

So, if you need to relicense your vehicle between now and July simply do it for three or six months – whatever sees you through to the end of June. This will save you paying more than you need to.