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 For many of us the term disability conjures up thoughts of wheelchairs and physical suffering. But that's just part of the picture - and disability income protection insurance reflects this. All quality disability income protection cover extends far beyond covering just your typical physical injuries. In fact, last year mental health claim payments made up 28.7% of the disability income protection claims across all age bands.* 

Clients are often surprised at what cover for mental health issues can include:

* In-home visits (regardless of location)

* Access to medical specialists 

* Flights to medical appointments (if required)

* Case conferencing between experts

Nick's story

Nick was diagnosed with major depression in January 2015. He made a claim on his disability income protection policy. Thirteen weeks later, the regular payments started to pay out. 

Initially Nick couldn't socially interact and had lost all confidence in his ability. A Sovereign senior claims manager met with Nick to discuss the next step in his journey. 

Over the following months Nick went to regular medical appointments and assessments arranged by Sovereign with an occupational physician, psychiatrist, neuropsychologists, occupational therapist and GP. Rehabilitation sessions took place over six months, with regular feedback on his progress from the treatment and care teams being coordinated by Sovereign.

Nick took part in a structured exercise routine with an exercise physiologist 3-5 times a week, and got out for regular walking sessions. An occupational therapist also prepared a structured day-to-day plan to help Nick return to work. After several face-to-face meetings with the senior case manager, Nick was ready to go back to work.

This story has been supplied by Sovereign. The individuals and events depicted in this customer story are true examples. All names have been changed to protect the identity of the customer and their families. 

*Sovereign claims statistics as at 30 June 2016 reported to FSC.