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The team at nib has recently shared their top claims from clients during the month of May. The numbers are pretty eye-watering, check them out:

Spinal surgery $123,222
Breast cancer treatment $87,214
Spinal surgery $79,709
Cardiac bypass surgery $71,850
Aortic valve replacement $71,629

These hefty figures are the perfect reminder of just how valuable comprehensive health cover really is. 

Yes, all New Zealand residents can rely on the public health system for emergency care and treatment of serious conditions. But, relying on the public health system can mean waiting long periods for treatment, not getting to choose your specialist, and, if your condition is not accident related you won’t be able to rely on ACC to pay for treatment. 

With private health insurance you have the control over your treatment – when you’re treated and which surgeon treats you. Most significantly, you’ll receive help paying for the treatment, which – when you consider the above figures – might otherwise be completely unaffordable. 

To check whether you have the best health cover for you and your family, get in touch