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A wet and wild winter – are you prepared?


In recent weeks we’ve seen some pretty wild weather – we hope that none of you have suffered any significant damage as a result.

Wild weather can cause power and hot water outages, so at this time of year it pays to be proactive. It’s a good idea to:

    Make sure you keep your phone (and any other electronics you need) well charged
    Keep some torches or candles on hand
    Find a thermos or two to keep boiled water hot

If strong winds and heavy rain is forecast there are a few things you can do to help minimise any damage:

    Secure or move your outdoor furniture inside
    Unplug all major appliances and any appliances that might be affected by electrical power surges
    Cover windows with curtains or drapes to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass
    Do not attempt to repair any damage until it is safe to do so
    If there is water in your light fittings, turn your lights off and call an electrician immediately
    Put a tarpaulin over any areas where the roof is leaking, if it’s safe to do so
    If the floors are wet, prevent staining by lifting your furniture off the floor
    Keep your damaged items if you can or take photos – this is useful to confirm what needs replacing

Need to make a claim?

Trees or trampolines falling through buildings, damage to roofs, windows and fences, flooding and lifted roof tiles leaving holes and water damage to ceilings… These are just some of the common claims that come in at this time of year. Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg in many cases broken outdoor furniture, uprooted trees, broken pots and smashed up cars can be claimed on too.

If you suffer any type of weather-related damage make sure you let us know (or, if we don’t look after your insurance, let your own Insurer/Broker know). There is no rush to make a claim, but the sooner you let us know the sooner we can help you out. Of course if you need emergency repairs, such as fixing a hole in the roof or replacing smashed window panes, you’ll need to get in touch pretty swiftly. We’ve had plenty of experience handling these weather-related claims so we know how to get it quickly sorted.