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The most important growth strategy

Business Insurance guarantees business continuity and continued momentum.

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Of the main business profit strategies (reduce costs, increase sales and raise prices), the least considered, but perhaps most important, is business insurance; because business insurance guarantees business continuity and continued momentum.

Random and unexpected events occur that can seriously impact your ability to trade – fire, burglaries, earthquakes, death, breakdowns, interruptions, workplace and public accidents, to name a few – how confident are you that your business will continue at its current pace if any one of these business disruptions strikes?

At Prosper Group you will find advisers who are business owners like you, but who are specialists in mitigating your risks and who understand the pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to making sure your business can ‘get up and go’ when unexpected stuff happens.

Types of business insurance you should be thinking about:

Material Damage Insurance

Protect plant, stock, machinery and buildings from material damage, loss and destruction – whether caused by earthquake, burglary, flood or fire, among other things – material damage insurance is designed to help you get back to where you were before the incident occurred.

Machinery Insurance

When your machines fall silent, it’s like somebody just cut a hole in your bank balance. Machinery insurance is designed to help cover the cost of repairs, as well as losses occurring from disruption to production or damaged / deteriorating product – not to mention costs associated with getting back up to steam i.e. outsourcing, hiring equipment or paying overtime.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance – including computers, air conditioners and other technology – helps recover any losses that may be incurred as a result, as well as covering the cost of repair and or replacement of the equipment (including repairs / replacement) of any property damaged from the incident.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

It is important to get your commercial vehicle insurance right – don’t make the mistake of assuming anything. On-board cameras, the calibre of the person driving the vehicle, differing stories, specifications, time of the incident, type and usage of a vehicle will affect the success of your claim (usually when a lot of money is on the line).

Avoid the numerous fishhooks and get your claim sorted fast with commercial vehicle insurance through Prosper Group.

Business Interruption

It’s not unusual for clients to be unable to access their premises because it has become a crime scene, often from an incident that had nothing to do with them or their people. Business interruption can occur quickly, from the most unexpected quarters and with devastating affects – a Prosper Group adviser can help you make sure you’re ready for anything.

Business interruption insurance helps you carry-on trading or mitigates any losses or costs associated with the disruption, whether earthquake, fire, crime, vandalism, closure of roads, disrupted supply due to disaster, or death by misadventure (crime, suicide, injury).

Protect your business from:

  • Loss of income
  • Expenses resulting from keeping your business trading
  • Costs involved in assessing the extent of your claim
  • Getting up and going again

Business Travel Insurance

One annual travel insurance policy can protect you and your staff when travelling on business without the inconvenience of having to take out insurance every time you travel.

Convenient business travel insurance protects from losses to:

  • Baggage
  • Equipment
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel disruptions
  • Public liability overseas
  • Cancelled travel beyond your control

General Liability Insurance

After a UK man sued an airline after it sent him to Grenada in the Caribbean instead of Granada in Spain, it becomes pretty obvious that anything can happen in business, and probably will – the right liability insurance is worth its weight in gold.

Protect yourself and your staff from damage or injury relating to negligence and other acts during the performance of his or her business or duties, as well as law suites as a result of real or perceived damages suffered.

Employers Statutory and Liability Insurance

Employers statutory and liability insurance helps remove some of the pain resulting from fines, penalties and other legal costs resulting from breach of regulations, such as those of New Zealand’s occupational health and safety laws, including:

  • Health and Safety in Employment Act
  • Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2001

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Negligence, professional misconduct and wrongdoing are painful words which could impact your business, staff and yourself emotionally, physically and financially as a result of claims or allegations that hurt your business and professional standing.

Professional indemnity can help take some of the edge off the resulting repercussions (whether or not the claims and allegations are with or without substance), by covering legal fees, awards against you, fines, compensation orders (including costs of industry tribunals and standards committees, such as the New Zealand Law Society Standards Committee).

Company owners, directors, officers, managers, barristers, solicitors, volunteers, committee members, employees and trustees may be exposed to any number of claims, including defamation, criminal actions, errors and negligence.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Wrongful acts, negligence, omission… anything can happen when board members, directors, even body corporate committee members, are carrying out their duties, and may result in personal liability losses, awards against you, fines, legal costs and compensation orders.

To talk to a Prosper Group adviser about which personal indemnity, directors or officers liability insurance, is most pertinent to your circumstances.
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Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance protects you or your business if you have purchased or ordered goods and equipment that have to be transported over water, if the equipment or goods are lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

Even in this age of modern, sophisticated shipping, ships can come undone or, more frequently, cargo is damaged by heavy seas, storms, wind and fire, among other perils.

To talk to a Prosper Group adviser about whether your need marine cargo insurance, bearing in mind that road, rail and air may be included.
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Advice on business insurance is available from Prosper Group throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, North Shore, Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane and Blenheim.

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