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Business Insurance for peace of mind and continuity

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Shareholder insurance a win / win for business and family

A shareholder protection policy makes it possible for your family to realise the true value of your hard work, while releasing your fellow shareholders to get on with the business.

In the event of death, shareholder protection insurance makes capital available for the other shareholders to buy your family out – there are many variations, benefits and combinations, make sure you have the right one for your business and your family.


Key person insurance equals business succession, continuity, momentum

Key people – partners, managers, specialists, dynamic sales people, those with unique skills – are as important to a business as the hub is to a wheel, making it important to protect against their loss.

If the absence of somebody in your business – owner, manager, key employee – would seriously impact your company's ability to continue trading, then you should consider key person insurance to protect against any such eventuality.


Business continuity insurance in case of illness or accident

Sometimes the events of our personal lives – such as disablement from illness or injury – may interrupt and disrupt the health and momentum of the company, leading to a loss of business income. Business Continuity insurance is designed to ensure that any lost income is covered when the unexpected occurs.

Also called business income insurance by some, business continuity insurance provides a monthly benefit payment to help keep your business running if a key person in the business is unable to work in the business for more than ten hours a week (terms and condition will apply).

It is important to have business continuity insurance for your business – to cover selected directors, management and or other key persons in the organisation who are integral to the successful operations and profits of the business - it is particularly designed for business owners who have been trading for more than three years, as well as key employees.

In 2008, more than 1,1880 businesses closed shop due to injury to the owner or key person - make sure your business is protected.

There will be various options and benefits available from different insurers, many of which can also help you with getting your business up and running again after the crisis has passed. To talk to a Prosper adviser today about business insurance cover that’s right for you and which meets your needs.
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