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The time to recover,
the cash to bounce back

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Sometimes surviving a critical illness is the least of your worries…

Time off work, loss of employment and income, expensive treatments, broken routine and mounting bills are just some of the challenges families facing a major health challenge have to deal with – one in three New Zealanders will miss work for longer than six months as a result of a serious illness.

Trauma insurance pays you a lump sum of cash, for up to 62 serious illnesses, should you suffer a major health event – including stroke, cancer, heart attack or coronary artery bypass surgery.

To talk to a Prosper adviser today about trauma cover that’s right for you and which meets your needs – no fishhooks or unwelcome surprises.
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Trauma cover give you the power to:

  • Survive financially
  • Take advantage of medical advancements and expensive, life saving treatments otherwise not available through public funding
  • Children can be covered under your Policy

Advice on trauma cover insurance is available from Prosper Group throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, North Shore, Nelson, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga, Ohope, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane and Blenheim.