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Our Values

Continuity, bouncing back, taking it in your stride, taking the hits and coming back.

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Prosper was created because we wanted to build a business that was designed to help customers make better choices. Prosper Group’s autonomy means we can run our business with vision and purpose.

Adding Value

Prosper is more than a sales company for financial products. Unlike many online insurance and finance companies that sell medical, life and home insurance online, Prosper advisers believe in helping our clients to make affordable, informed choices based on a suite of services and products that suit their personal circumstances.


Relationships are at the heart of the Prosper Group business model. Without long term, enduring relationships with our customers – both public and business clients – we would not have a business. Our advisers are loyal, respectful and always approachable.

Prosper Advisers also value the relationship we have with each other, for referrals, shared expertise and advice. 


Prosper Group focus on the long term, on going the distance, but also on creating a suite of financial products that enable both personal and business continuity – from trauma, loss of income, fire and general and key person insurance.

By the same token, Prosper Group looks to find you mortgage terms that not only match your current circumstances, but take into account your long term aspirations – whether its starting a family or retirement.

Good financial products are not disaster compensation, they’re tools to help you maintain momentum and overcome set-backs as quickly as possible; long term success is measured by your successes as well as how you overcome adversity.

Call 0800 2 Prosper

0800 277 677