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You have our word that we will listen to you, while seeking to understand your needs and aspirations so that we can better apply our independent thinking and our expertise ensuring your financial security and prosperity.

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We will only use quality financial products and services that you can trust, and they will be uniquely tailored to your personal circumstances.

The essential value of insurance and financial products like mortgages through Prosper are that they are not a ‘one-size fits all solution’. They are truly tailored to your unique needs and circumstances by a Prosper Adviser who will work to understand you personally, and who will strive to make sure that you are looked after according to your needs.

In this regard, Prosper promises that...

  • We will return your phone calls in a timely manner;
  • You will always be speaking to a person in New Zealand and not an overseas call centre;
  • Your unique needs will be served by an experienced financial adviser;
  • We will be your Relationship Manager today and tomorrow; we will not be leaving or transferring to another role or department;
  • With your permission, we will work with you to build a long term relationship to support you and your family and to help you achieve your financial goals;
  • We will act as your very own Relationship Manager in advocating and liaising with industry professionals such as banks, accountants, solicitors, registered valuers, insurance companies, ACC, building inspectors and whoever else we need to, in order to get the job done on your behalf.

Call 0800 2 Prosper

0800 277 677