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The three things all wealthy and successful people have in common...

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Successful people
plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

Unless you’re extremely lucky, the chances are that life is going to throw you the odd curve ball. Wealthy and successful people know good insurance and  well-structured finance will help them bounce back.

Recently a Silicon Valley billionaire set a new Guinness World Record for Most Valuable Life Insurance Policy – worth $US201 million.

"Success is how high you bounce back when you hit bottom" – General George Patton.

Talk to Prosper about how insurance and a well-structured mortgage can actually help you thrive.

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Successful people leave nothing to chance,
they trust the experts.

The world’s wealthy understand that people are not commodities and they won't buy commodity products like insurance online . They take expert advice when it involves important decisions around money, health and business – advice that is relevant to their own personal circumstances, goals and dreams.

One of the reasons my friends and I were successful early on was because we always asked a lot of questions. I was willing to listen to anyone who could help, and over the years many people volunteered their advice.”
- Sir Richard Branson.

Talk to Prosper about why it is important to seek advice from experts when making important financial decisions that could fundamentally impact your future, your family and your business.

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Successful people choose their experts wisely.

Author and thought leader Brendon Burchard once said that “The top experts in the world are ardent students. The day you stop learning, you're definitely not an expert”.

At Prosper, that’s us in a nutshell. Sure, we have decades of industry experience in insurance, mortgages and advice. We also take pride in being independent and good at what we do, but most of all we make sure we’re constantly studying, learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of finance so that we are in the best position to look after your interests.

Prosper’s experts never stop learning. Education is continuous.

"An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore" - Edward de Bono